Expensive Junk in the Trunk: Review of Trunk Club for Women

Part of being a patron of the good life is, at times, finding people who will do your dirty work. Like a cleaning lady.

Not many people would consider shopping a chore, but even though we are both girly girls, neither one of us really likes to shop. Sure we love getting new clothes and looking fabulous, but the whole trying on clothes and spending evenings at the mall is not our idea of a good time, even if there is free wine involved.

Cue Trunk Club, an online shopping service that sends “trunks” to your house, filled with clothes that curated to your tastes.

Trunk Club began as a men’s only service, but recently has expanded into women’s fashion as well. They were recently bought by Nordstrom, so you can bet where all of your clothes are coming from. Just a sidenote, when you buy through Trunk Club, you do not accrue the beloved Nordstrom Notes (their rewards program) for each purchase, which is pretty shitty.

A few friends had recommended me to Trunk Club and I was interested in adding a few signature pieces to my wardrobe, so I called for a phone consultation. My stylist was very nice, explained the process and then went through a pretty thorough interview about my fashion style. She informed me my trunk would arrive in a week or so.

It arrived in a cute cardboard “trunk”, impeccably packed with ribbon, tissue and a packing list. I opted to look at the clothes before packing list with prices.

In the trunk were 15 items, ranging from jeans, to couture dresses and even a handbag per my request. Now I don’t know if I am more picky than the average cat, but I was only interested in trying on about 6 of the 15 things. They ask you to try on all 15, but there were some clear misses, which is to be expected. I have a pretty particular style that isn’t particularly consistent.

The items were mostly from brands I had mentioned liking: Rag & Bone, Theory, Paige denim, DVF and Vince. All of the pieces were nice, but some weren’t very interesting and a little too splurgy for what they were. I don’t mind spending $400 on dress or killer blazer that I could see myself wearing for years, but a $230 for a cami that looks a step above Express seems excessive.

Milly dress Trunk Club
Milly dress, plan to rock this for some holiday parties.

Net net, I kept two pieces. One of which was a pair of grey Paige jeans (which I mentioned wanting) and the second was a really cool dress from Milly that I probably would have never found on my own. It was pricey ($450), but that is why I was interested in Trunk Club in the first place: to find interesting pieces I’d never find on my own.

Good news is, shipping back the returns were easy. The UPS return label was included and I scheduled a pickup for the following day. I give Trunk Club credit for making that seamless as there’s nothing more frustrating than having to find a UPS drop box and take public transportation to get there.

Maybe if I didn’t allocate as much of my salary to travel I would have kept more of the items in my “trunk”, but when I totaled up the cost of all 15 items it was $4,190, which works out to an average price per item of $280. I might be sheshe, but I’m not that chichi.

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