Travel Schwag I Didn’t Know I Was Missing

So this is pretty rad. A few weeks ago I came home to a huge box of free travel schwag from a friend who has read my blog and works at a company who makes some pretty great travel gear.

I’ve said many times that I’m not writing this blog to make millions and quit my day job, but getting free shit that I can actually use? Yes, please!

Lewis & Clark Travel Gear Go Toob
Travel schwag proof!

So as you can tell from the pic above, I got a ton of stuff and since they were thoughtful enough to send two of most things, last week when Julie and I traveled to Vail for a ski weekend we were able to try most of this stuff out. So here are a few of my new faves that I’ll now never travel without:

Lewis & Clark Packing Cubes:

As Julie will tell you, I am not the most organized person and when I travel, my suitcase turns into a pile by day two. So these badass, light Lewis & Clark packing cubes are pretty life changing in terms of travel must-haves. They are in bright colors (easy to see inside my black ski bag) and have mesh sides so you can see the contents. And after 4 days of skiing my suitcase was still (relatively) tidy.

Lewis & Clark Luggage Scale:

Now that airlines charge you for being an ounce over the 50lb. limit, if you are a heavy packer, a luggage scale is a no-brainer. Since Julie and registered for two amazing (but giant) Tumi bags for our wedding, we are always over packing and left scrambling when we put in on the scale at the airport. This beauty allows you to pack each bag to its max. But of course, go a few pounds under on your way out so you aren’t overweight if you fly home with any souvenir tchotchkes.

Vail Ski
Julie and I skiing in Vail, living slightly more organized.

Lewis & Clark Toiletry kit:

If you’re like me, you have no less than 3 toiletry kits when you go on a big trip. One for makeup, one for the stuff you use all the time and one for the shower-only stuff (razor, shampoo, etc.) So the super lightweight Lewis & Clark one (upper right in red), was great because it stands upright, has a waterproof bottom and weighs next to nothing.

Go Girl: ­­­­­

For sure the coolest thing in the box was the Go Girl, which is a “female urination device” that allows you to stand and pee (without it all running down your leg). This is huge if you camp, travel to places with less than sanitary toilets or ski (like me)! I haven’t tried it out yet, but on my up-coming Alaska heli-ski trip where there are no bathrooms (or women), I can’t wait to have this stashed in my ski pack.


My last favorite item in my box of travel schwag was the 3-pack of refillable, silicone “tubes” that have suction cup on the back (when there is no shelf in that hotel shower). I tend to not be picky about the hotel-provided shampoo and conditioner, but I always bring my own hair goop and face wash so these are pretty great. Sharpies also work great to label what’s in each GoToob accordingly.

Thanks again to my friend Jen and LCI Brands for sending me travel goods that will definitely go to good use!

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