My 8 Baby Registry Must-Haves

If you’re about to have a baby, putting together a registry can be daunting. How do they expect you to predict what you’ll need when this little pooping, crying bundle of amazingness is still in your womb?

My daughter is 12 weeks old and I’m sure my must-have list will grow as she does, but here is what we couldn’t live without today:

Fisher Price Rock n' PlayFisher Price Rock n’ Play: When Aria was teeny weeny, her favorite place to nap and sleep overnight was this little genius-ness. There is something magical about the angle and how they are snuggled, almost as though you are holding them. Compare that to a bassinet or crib and newborns hands down prefer this. We had an old hand-me-down model that didn’t even rock automatically, but it was still a godsend. All the new models have auto rocking and soft music and I can only imagine the little ones love them even more.

Boppy Lounger
2060 Presidential Candidate shown in Boppy Lounger circa 2017

Boppy Newborn Lounger: If you are planning to breastfeed you will definitely get the signature wrap-around nursing Boppy that you can use underneath the baby when you breastfeed. It’s just OK. The unsung hero of the Bobby line is this flat, recessed pillow that’s perfect when you need run to pee or to answer the door for your daily Amazon delivery. It’s also fab place to prop your little one for their burgeoning insta account.

Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station (fits in any diaper bag): The changing pad that comes with most diaper bags is crap. Buy this one instead. Like a big maxi pad, it has wings making it wider than most. It also holds diapers and wipes so you only need to grab this rather than you whole bag when she needs a quick change.

Lille Baby
Julie models the Lille Baby Carrier at Oktoberfest.

Lille Baby 6-in-1 Carrier: When you need two free hands to throw in laundry and keep a newborn happy who doesn’t like to be put down, carriers are a complete lifesaver. Julie did a lot of research and we decided on this 6-in-1 beauty which is one of the best purchases we made. It’s also great for quick dog walks when you don’t want to schlep a stroller down the stairs or for festivals where pushing a stroller is as fun as the Dan Ryan at rush hour.

Waterproof Changing Pad Liners: One of the least sexy things to put on your must-buy list are multiple 3-packs of waterproof changing pad covers. Rather than having 10 changing pad covers on hand, simply cover your changing pad cover with this. It will catch all those accidental dabs of poo and pee and save you a shit ton of laundry!

Love to Dream swaddleLove to Dream Arms Up Swaddles: The first few weeks we swaddled Aria up like a tight little burrito with swaddle blankets, but after about four weeks she would fight like mad to free her hands so she could suck on them. Thankfully a friend had given us two of these and they were as the name suggests, a dream. When she packed on a few pounds, we ordered the larger size in a winter weight to help keep her cozy warm too.

Nuna Pipa Car Seat: The lightest car seat on the market also happens to be one of the best looking and safest. For us, the Nuna was a no brainer.

Uppa Baby Cruz: A fancy stroller can cost as much as a used Kia so we tempered our bougie wants and went with a more basic model of a really nice stroller. The Uppa Baby Cruz had all we wanted and nothing extra. It could face forward or back, folded with ease, and was one of the lightest ones on the market. Bonus for a classy design and snagging it on a Nordstrom triple points day.




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