A Baby Shower Worth Bragging About

One of the advantages of waiting until later in life to have a baby is that you’ve had longer to find amazing friends who are not only ridiculously generous, but all-round wonderful people.

Because Julie and I both work in advertising, our friends asked for a creative brief before concepting our Baby #Betterscott shower.  Here’s what we said:

The Creative Brief:

Somewhere in between tea & crumpets and a college kegger.

We also wanted our baby shower to not be too stuffy, not too typical and have an outdoor space to enjoy what is a forever-fleeting Chicago summer.

Queue the stage for our Baby Shower this past weekend held downtown Chicago at Bernie’s Lunch & Supper.

Bernie's Lunch and Supper Baby Shower Chicago rooftop
Bernie’s was a great rooftop venue downtown

The event was from 2-5pm in the afternoon on Sunday, perfect for anyone out of town to get back for the festivities. The menu was equally apropos, shareable snacks including a to-die-for wood fired toast with serrano ham and burrata, a lox plate with pita and mini cheeseburger sliders and fries.

Even though I’m not imbibing (much), drinks were paramount for this crew, and Bernie’s offered a great selection of wine, beer and even a featured cocktail called “Fruit of the Womb”.

Turns out the weather was perfect for the outdoor rooftop, but Bernie’s also offered an indoor space in case of rain, which was key.

LGBT Baby Shower Lesbian Moms
Diaper decorating! Julie didn’t know there was a front/back so this thoughtful guest helped her out.

Our friends did one cute game where guests had to guess which Mom would do certain things like read him/her their first book (me) and who would be most responsible for the baby’s music taste (Julie). Of course we pre-answered the questions but weren’t allowed to discuss them, which added to the fun.

They also had guests color a set of wooden blocks (we are all about wooden toys), decorate diapers for a little levity during a late-night changing, and asked everyone to bring a favorite book and write in the cover in lieu of a card (personal fave)!

The other show-stealer was an amazing cake from Sweet Mandy B’s touting this totally Pinterest-worthy idiom, “Hatched by Two Chicks.” Of course the cake tasted great too, but the ‘gramming done around the clever cake was the real hit.

Party favors for the guests were Intelligentsia coffee single serves with an adorbs “Something’s Brewin” custom label and succulents for the winners of the game. These ladies thought of everything.

We clearly can’t take credit for any of the baby shower spoiling, other than picking some really fabulous friends, but wanted to share some of the amazing things our friends pulled off.

This shower was one of five (yes, count them five!) baby showers our families, co-workers and friends threw for us, and each one was beyond special, generous and thoughtful.

Baby Shower Story Point Rockford, MI
Our family shower in Rockford, MI

They say it takes a village to raise a little one—especially for two Moms with demanding jobs and no family nearby—and we are so, so lucky to have each and every one of these people in our village!

Baby Shower Piccolo Sogno Chicago
Another Chicago shower by Julie’s co-workers on the patio at Piccolo Sogno in Chicago


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